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Cruise To The Future: Bookings Are Now Open For 2021

2021 conjures up images of robot waiters serving cocktails on a cruise through space; of flying taxis, voice-activated champagne dispensers… Ok, maybe that’s just us. But it does seem far off in the future, doesn’t it? In fact, th[…]

Does An Airline Owe You Money?

We all hate flight delays and cancellations! Even a short delay can result in a breathless sprint between connecting flights (definitely not what we signed up for!) and in extreme cases it can mean missing connections, losing a day or two out of a tr[…]

Comparing Cover

Comparing Policies And Costs Not all travel insurance policies are created equal – far from it. We’ve mentioned before that you really need to check your policy wording, as those super-cheap deals can become very expensive if you’r[…]

Sometimes Non-Travellers Need Travel Insurance Too!

Ever had to cancel or curtail a holiday because a relative fell ill back at home? Did you have a stressful time cutting short your trip, getting back to take care of them, and then on top of it all having to quietly pay for unused accommodation, car […]

European Travel Insurance Conference

Our Managing Director, Kate Huet, was keynote speaker at the European Travel Insurance Conference held in Vienna on 4-5 September. She shared her insights from this gathering of key industry players: With attendees from all over Europe, spanning fr[…]

Cruise News: Powering Up Sustainability

Environmental initiatives and sustainable fuels have become a big talking point in the cruise industry, and it’s great to see major cruise lines taking serious steps to reduce their footprint and preserve our oceans. It’s a trend we&rsquo[…]

Snapshot: A Week Of Travel Upsets

Travel insurance has already been hard at work this month! September’s wild weather has caused countless cancellations and delays – not to mention potential loss of property – and that was before the warnings for Hurricane Florence[…]

Can You Upgrade Your Cruise?

Getting an upgrade – especially a free upgrade – isn’t easy. There are a few ways to improve your chances though! There are cabin upgrades, which mean you’ll be in a higher category of accommodation. For example, you can upgra[…]

Travel Insurance Pays

We often refer to the high cost of medical treatment when travelling – especially on a cruise – but have you ever worked out how much a travel insurance claim could be worth? Even “basic” treatment on board a cruise ship is fa[…]

Choose Your Brand Of Luxury Cruise

Luxury has gone far beyond the comforts of a 5-star hotel. When it comes to cruises, ultimate luxury could be fine wines and silver service dining, but often there are also magnificent excursions, all-inclusive opulence packages, or unique on-board e[…]